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Why Visit Istanbul with Guides of Istanbul VIP Tours?

Our VIP Tours are much more than just touring in the city. We are the only Tour Operator in Istanbul that offers many of these services below. If you seek comfort, luxury and a genuinely perfectionist service, choose our VIP Tours.

1. Enjoy Istanbul Like Istanbulians Do
ith our VIP Tours, you will feel like an upper-class Istanbulian enjoying one of the world's most beautiful cities without having to read hundreds of pages from guidebooks looking for hints. Your tours will include visits to the amazing historic sites as well as the gorgeous districts far from the center and not discovered by most tourists. With Guides of Istanbul, you will get to know the city, her beauty, her culture, her cuisine etc, whereas most tourists only visit the most touristic sites without even seeing the most beautiful districts. Upon returning home, you will be pleasantly surprised to see how much your friends who have been to Istanbul missed and how much you have seen.

2. Knowledgeable and Friendly Guides
Your guide will be someone who has proved to be excellent in his/her job. When we hire a guide, he/she is chosen among several thousand guides and, based on the feedback we receive from our guests, we keep hiring only the best ones that continuously receive perfect feedbacks. Therefore, our guides are knowledgeable, polite, friendly and fluent in their languages.

3. Brand-new VIP Mercedes Vehicles
You will be driving in the city with our 2011 and 2012-model, specially designed, VIP Mercedes Vito or Sprinter vans. Therefore you will not miss the luxury and comfort of your own car back home while driving around one of the prettiest cities in the world. If you would like, your driver will pick you and your guide up after visiting each site so you won't have to walk too much.

VIP Vehicles 

4. No Taxi Ride
Like in many big cities, most taxi drivers of Istanbul are notorious and they are best avoided. You will never have to worry about them from the moment you arrive at the city until the very last moment. Your driver will be waiting for you at the airport to pick you up and transfer you to your hotel. The tours will be made with the same vehicle. In the evenings of the tours, your driver will take you to your preferred restaurant anywhere in the city and he will also take you back to your hotel. And finally, your driver will take you to the airport after you spend a few wonderful days in Istanbul.

5. Itineraries Chosen By You
You will decide what to see and what to do. We only offer our suggestions but the final itinerary will always depend on your preferences. So, for instance, if you would like to spend 5 hours in Hagia Sophia or walk along the Bosphorus for half a day or if you would like to have lunch at your preferred restaurant, you will just do it. No part of your tours will be dictated by anyone and you will simply experience Istanbul as you please. Our job will be only to offer you our suggestions.

6. Private Bosphorus Cruise
With our 3-day VIP Package II, you will do a 2-hour cruise on the Bosphorus on a private boat.

Private Bosphorus Cruise

7. No waiting at lines
Professional licenced guides in Istanbul have priority to purchase tickets at most sites so you will avoid big lines where you will see lots of tourists waiting to enter a site.

8. Reservations
One of our staff, other than your guide, will be your agent who will be in charge of organising your tours before your arrival at Istanbul. You will be able to reach him/her 24/7 via his/her mobile -before your arrival and during your stay- when you need anything. Your agent will help you with your reservations at restaurants, arrange your itineraries and pick-ups from the airport and hotel. Your agent will receive you either at the airport or your hotel on the day of your arrival to say welcome.

9. 24-hour Concierge Service

our agent will also be your concierge, or your connection between your hotel and the outside world, providing you anything you may need outside your hotel. Most 5-star hotels in Istanbul charge their guests excessively (sometimes 3-4 times more) for even little things. If you need to buy a toothbrush, a bottle of wine, a pair of cuff links etc. or to have your suit dry-cleaned, you will simply call your agent who will purchase the requested item or service at the market value and bring or send it to you. Alternatively, if you would like to buy the item yourself, your agent will take you to the shop or mall with our vehicle. This way, you will buy your needed items at the market value from trustworthy sources and avoid having to pay excessively for them. 

10. Mobile Phone
If you need a mobile phone with a local number, please let us know and we will provide them for you free of charge.

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