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The Spice Bazaar, aka. Egyptian Bazaar, the second largest covered market in the city, was part of the mosque complex. Other surviving parts of the complex are the tombs and the magnificent fountain. On the mosque side of the L-shaped Spice Bazaar, there is a popular flower market and cafes, and fish, vegetable and grocery stores occupy the other side. Once all of the shops inside the bazaar used to sell spices, but over the time some have turned into dried fruit, grocery and gift shops or jewelers. It is one of the attractive sites in Istanbul with its vivacious and distinctive atmosphere.


For centuries, the Turkish have been coming to the Spice Bazaars instead of the doctors for centuries old remedies, and even for modern day illnesses. Herbal remedies can often alleviate symptoms for diseases like cancer and remedies for infertility, weight loss.



The Spice Bazaar spills into the Grand Bazaar and it is a centre for bustle and activity. It's a giant covered market with all the same items stalls placed together. The architecture is a simple Ottoman design of arched eyvans, each accompanied by a shop. The jars of spices and drugs originally would by displayed in the front Eyvan of the shop. The spice section of the market is filled with barrels of colourful spices and a potpourri of different smells.

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