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If you visit Istanbul by yourself or with a group, you will never get to see the Istanbul we will show you. Most tourists visiting Istanbul only see some of the monuments in the Sultanahmet area and Historic Peninsula; they can never go further because of the geographic size of the city. They have no idea what they are missing. Although the Historic Peninsula has must-see monuments, Istanbul has many other must-see districts not visited or discovered by many tourists. Istanbul is much, much more than Topkapi Palace or Hagia Sophia.

Our itinerary will of course include visiting monuments but you will also see and live the lovely local atmosphere in different districts far from the Historic Peninsula. We divide the city into 4 main areas:

Historic Peninsula:
Amazing monuments.. where the Byzantines and the Ottomans ruled from. This is Constantinople, capital of the Eastern Roman Empire for more than 1,100 years.. Largest church in the world for over 1,000 years.. Where Enrico Dandolo, Venetian dodge who led the 4th crusade is buried.. This is Istanbul, the capital of the great Ottoman Empire.. The palace where Mozart abducts the girl from.. History must have been written here.. Sites to see include:

Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Archeology Museum, Basilica Cistern, Blue Mosque, Hippodrome, Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, Grand Bazaar.

Golden Horn:
Has everything.. From the largest mosque of the city to the head of the Greek Orthodox world.. From 5th century walls to the hill where the French author Pierre Loti wrote of his love for a Turkish woman.. Where Leonardo Da Vinci came and drew a project for a bridge.. Where Master Sinan presented his incredible Suleymaniye Mosque to the humanity on behalf of the "Magnificent". A natural seaport: Why Istanbul was for centuries the largest and wealthiest city in the world.. This is where history and architecture create a romance.. Sites to see include:

Suleymaniye Mosque, Galata Bridge, Eyup Sultan Mosque, Monastery of the Holy Savior in Chora, Greek Patriarchate, Theodosian Walls, Valens Aqueduct, Cafe Pierre Loti.

The glorious Bosphorus.. For many, by far the most beautiful place in the world.. Two continents.. Palaces, mansions, fortresses, cafes, restaurants.. Where once the Ottoman Sultans lived.. Where now the creme de la creme of the country live in early 19th century yalis, some of which are among the most expensive houses in the world.. Jason and the Argonauts sailed through here.. Bosphorus: Ford of the Cow.. Io, the lover of Zeus, ran away as a cow from the horse fly sent by his wife Hera who had caught them.. Sites include: 

European Side: Dolmabahce Palace, Sakip Sabanci Museum, Ortakoy, Rumeli Fortress, Yildiz Palace, Emirgan.
Asian Side: Beylerbeyi Palace, Camlica Hill, Hidiv Kasri, Bagdat Street.
Leander or Maiden Tower

Once known as Pera, the center of the Europeans living in Istanbul.. Still the heart and soul of the city.. Lots of everything: Cafes, restaurants, bars, bookstores, shops, theatres.. Accompanied by a 14th century Genose tower, a nostalgic tram, 18th and 19th century Catholic churches, the second oldest subway in the world, huge consulates and beautiful 19th century apartments.. Istiklal Avenue lives for 24 hours.. And the posh Nisantasi with its Rolex, Tiffany, Armani type stores, young professionals sitting in outdoor cafes, Ferraris and Porsches parked side by side.. Sites include:
Beyoglu, Galata Tower, Pera Palas, Church of St. Anthony, Flower Passage, Pera Museum, Istiklal Caddesi, Galatasaray, Tunel, Nisantasi, Macka.

Whether you are coming to Istanbul on a cruise ship, to celebrate your honeymoon or wedding anniversary, or as a family, we have exactly the right suggestions for you.

Cruise Ship Passengers
Istanbul is one of the main cruise ship destinations and definitely the favorite stop for the passengers. However, given the extremely short duration of the visit and the mandatory pace of group tours with lots of other people you don't know, most cruise ship passengers see nothing but just a couple of monuments, which gives them just a little taste of the beauty of the city. However, with our private services and efficient itinerary combining various districts, you will see much more than just a couple of monuments.

With us, you will truly enjoy the city.

Couples and Honeymooners:
What could be more romantic than watching the sunset from the Galata Bridge? Or counting the stars on a wonderful boat on the Bosphorus while passing by a beautifully-lit 15th century fortress? Or walking around thousands of tulips -an original Turkish flower and one of the symbols of the city- in a breathtaking palace yard in April? Or enjoying Turkish coffee or apple tea from the exact spot where Monsieur Pierre Loti wrote his countless poems while looking down the timeless Golden Horn? Or dining in a posh restaurant overlooking the lights on the Bosphorus while listening to the violins and harp?

We will surely give you other ideas and make them happen for you.

Discovering a foreign city may be challenging for families -especially for those with little children. They may get bored in the museums or may not do well with the local cuisine. We understand these challenges. With our completely private services, you will be able to go anywhere you prefer, always consult your guide and agent and make sure that you have a great time as a family.


and Comfort:
Although Istanbul is a beautiful city, it is a huge metropolis with a population of more than 12 million, which, like other large cities, can be hectic and crowded at times. With us, you will feel safe and comfortable all times as if you were home while discovering one of the most exotic cities in the world.

We offer our services in all languages.

We know the city very well because it is our city. And we will happily share our knowledge with you in a friendly and polite manner.

We are proud to have served numerous guests from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and many other countries. Please check our References. We guarantee you that you will highly recommend Guides of Istanbul to your friends.


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