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Istanbul Lisesi (Istanbul High School), one of the oldest and most prestigious educational institutions in Turkey, was established in 1884. As a state high school, Istanbul Lisesi admits students through the central state school examination. Admission to Istanbul Lisesi is extremely competitive with only 144 students enrolled each year from a pool of over 400,000 applicants, which makes it the most difficult to enter among all of the 400 special state secondary schools in the country, called "Anadolu Liseleri" (Anatolian High Schools). Istanbul Lisesi draws the best students from all over the country, resulting in a diverse student body.

As a general rule, Istanbul Lisesi graduates pass the national college entrance test with great results and are admitted to the top-ranking universities in Turkey. For instance, in 2000, 27 Istanbul Lisesi students were among the top 100 on the national university placement test. And in 2001, seven scored in the top ten. Although it is a public school, Istanbul Lisesi gets support of the German government and many courses are taught in German by German teachers. The schoold has the active support of alumni, many of whom are prominent members of the community including former prime ministers, famous diplomats, musicians, artists, business men etc.

Hakan Gurger graduated from Istanbul Lisesi in 1994 and continues to get involved in the school community.








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